Master in Design, Creativity and Social Practices. Creating value for organizations

Cittadellarte and the Milan's Polytechnic launch the first Executive Master that makes the need for sustainability and responsibility an opportunity for development for organizations.
The complex challenges of a social, environmental and economic nature in the near future require the appearance of new professional figures able to reorient organizations along the lines of responsibility and social relevance.

The master's degree in Design, Creativity and Social Practices is an Executive Master from the Milan's Polytechnic managed by in collaboration with the Accademia UNIDEE (Cittadellarte/Fondazione Pistoletto's higher education institute).
The master is dedicated to professionals who intend to acquire the necessary skills to carry out this transformation within their own work environment.

An immersive experience which provides practical and teamwork skills, making use of the collaboration of Italian and international organizations in social innovation and social engagements fields.
The program develops social and environmental commitment in a profession that aims to create value for organizations. The proposed method combines the skills of design with the ability of interpretation and thought of art for social transformation, and develops on critical thinking, on notions of economics and contemporary organization, on models of inclusive communication.

The ultimate purpose is to provide the methods and tools needed to respond to contemporary challenges through the use of strategies that define the entire design process, from identifying the problem to developing the solution.

These skills will be associated with the technical and economic knowledge necessary to assess the social impacts that can be generated to manage future business projects.

Cittadellarte - Fondazione Pistoletto 2019
Accademia UNIDEE - UNIDEE Academy 

UNIDEE Academy

Via Serralunga 27

Biella, Italy


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