UNIDEE and ArtEZ Academy: in Cittadellarte, an intensive moment of the three-year course in Fine Arts

Sixteen students from the ArtEZ Academy (Netherlands) are in September at Accademia UNIDEE for the bachelor degree program in Socially Engaged Art, developing artistic research, individual or collective, and working on the theme of production and its relationship with art .

The challenge for the students is simple but ambitious: looking at society with different eyes, seeing its dynamics, developments and problems and making it an opportunity for artistic research.
Within the Biella community the 16 bachelor students in Fine Arts (15 Dutch and 1 Italian) are working on their research that revolves around the concept of "production" and above all its relationship with the world of art.
A research that led the students to a real immersion in Biella's production reality, visiting and discovering the factories of the territory, meeting entrepreneurs, workers and scholars who dealt with the relationship between production, economy and society.

Michele Cerruti But, coordinator of Accademia UNIDEE, explains the peculiarities of this course: "The students are given the opportunity to compare their individual research, combined with their personal aspirations, with a bigger context, that is the reality itself. The aim is to compare them with the company, or rather with a specific aspect of this, the production, giving them the opportunity to get in touch with the world of factories and the related actors. Starting from this immersion in reality, we asked the students to develop an individual or collective artistic research."

"The aim - he continues - is to show students how to build an artistic education by confronting themselves directly with society, even apart from a complete intellectual and academic education.
Quoting Michelangelo Pistoletto "The social reality that surrounds us, in fact, is the greatest stimulus that a 'homo artisticus' could have."
"The reference to Socially Engaged Art - specifies Cerruti But - is one of the main reasons for our collaboration with ArtEZ which, as an art academy, has been developing for years a research based on teaching young students about the ability of art to connect to society."

Tutors Juan Sandoval and Michele Cerruti But gave form and defined the contents of the course, but the project also makes use of the participation of Maresa Lippolis from the collective Serpica Naro, by Michelangelo Pistoletto, by Francesco Monico (director of Accademia UNIDEE, who will give a lecture on the relationship between man and technique), by Nico Angiuli (who presented his project "The Human Tools"), by Paolo Naldini and by the whole Accademia UNIDEE together with Cittadellarte.

Cittadellarte - Fondazione Pistoletto 2019
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